Teleprinter Receipts

Why should we give receipts?

Receipts are not just  "receipts"- evidence of payment, they are storytellers and more. Receipts serves as "remember me" notes at times. A customer who comes across the receipt you issued after receiving a wonderful service or great buying experience from you is going to remember you and the kind of treatment they got from you. Wouldn't you want that reminder to be a good looking and not a shabby one? I bet you would.

A good receipt can reveal the class of the issuer and may even be your next sales person. I can remember admiring a receipt on a friend's desk and I asked him to tell me about how he got it. To cut the long story short, I ended up being a customer too.

Receipts carry a lot of information and I don't think I have seen one without contact details on them, which in fact is a good thing. They can serve as complimentary card. You can be rest assured that your customers and whoever comes across your receipt know what you do (your business), where you do it (your address) and how to get in touch with you  (phone and email).

No receipt in most cases means no sale. I can not remember buying something meaningful without getting a receipt as this shows reliability, trust and transparency.  It is not that people don't trust each other anymore. It is just that devils don't wear horns anymore. So it difficult to identify who will deny a business transaction.

Our Receipts

Teleprinter receipts are free electronic receipts in PDF which are suitable for any kind of transaction. The receipts are specially designed to show class, elegance and help you solve the problem of making receipts as well as using crude means for documenting payments.


  • Organization name which shows as heading and water mark.
  • Provision for signature of issuer which may be left blank if not needed.
  • Shipping address inclusion for shipped products which may be left blank.


  • Create receipts on the go
  • No need to scan receipts before sending them by email.
  • Create beautiful complex receipts by filling a simple form.

    Who is this Receipt for?

    Teleprinter receipts are free for use and is made for anyone who has anything to sell or rent, that is basically anyone receiving payments.

    Are you selling laptops, phones, cars, services  whether new or old? Is it a single item,dozens, scores or cartons? Even if it is a one time sale or a business our receipt will suit your needs. The receipts are for you not us since we can't be giving receipts for using our free receipts.

    How to use the receipt generation tool

    • Select the template you want below.
    • Fill the form on the receipt generation page.
    • Submit the form and your receipt will be downloaded automatically.


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